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From our Quality Assurance Team: Sugar Pie Pumpkins Org – Riverdog This sweet little thing is great for baking scones, muffins, bread, pies, pancakes, flan, but also to use in savory applications as well; fillings for pasta, soup, curries, chili and more! — Sep 22, 2016
We are currently facing many challenges in the avocado industry. The total volume of Avocados from California, Peru, Chile and Mexico aren't enough to satisfy the demand… Generally, Mexican avocados can be ripe even when the avocado skin is not entirely black. Color is not the best indicator of ripeness. When these avocados yield to gentle pressure, then it is ripe. They can be cut and the flesh will separate from the pit. Waiting for the color to become black, as we are accustomed with a California or Chilean avocado, will result in bruised fruit. This can be seen with over ripe fruit in a box when the bottom layer of avocados have dark spots in the flesh from bruising from the top layer. — Sep 22, 2016
Our first set of Medium Size Pumpkins are set to arrive today! — Sep 14, 2016

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