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    Green Garlic
    Local, organic, from Knoll Farms. In fine, full flavored form, no one beats Knoll for sweet, not too hot flavor! Top quality, clean, ready to use, high yielding, and evenly sized. Sold per pound.
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    Spring Onions
    Local, organic, from Riverdog.   Succulent, mild, soft young alliums scrumptious braised, roasted, or stewed.  Choose from red or white.  Sold per 10-pound case, or per pound.
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    Developed by Reggie Jones of Central Coast Creamery, crafted in Holland. 100% Sheep Milk. Earthy, sweet and creamy with a savory finish. Perfect with White or light Red wines.  Sold per 9 pound wheel.
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    Green Tomatoes
    Organic, hothouse grown.  Handled with cotton gloves from picking to packing!  Growing material uses superior worm casting compost for enhanced nutritional values and flavor.  Sold per 2-layer case.
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    Baby Kales!
    All organic. Choose from Baby Red Russian, Baby Lacinato, or Baby Mixed. All super nutritious, full of flavor, harvested young enough for any salad, yet hearty enough for a quick sauté.

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Bloomy Rind

Learn about seasonal cheese and get great serving ideas here.

Onward to April

Ah, April, where showers are purported to bring May flowers. Maybe back east, but out here we hope any showers are light enough to not upset the delicate blossom-cart of nascent stone fruit blossoms.While we have a good month until apricot wishes and cherry dreams start up, local English shelling peas are just about coming on from Watsonville, and Lou Iacopi is projecting a late April harvest. Our cool coastal climate is perfect for growing English, snap and snow peas. Young, tender pea and fava Leaves are about, too- their tangled, tendrilled vines perfect for salads, sides, or with a slight wilt, a tasty bed for your protein of choice.

Local Spears are Here!

A lily family member containing a good bit of iron plus vitamins B and C, Asparagus is a perennial with a life span of about 15 years. Elegant, scrumptious, easy prepping, high yielding and fast cooking, nothing beats fresh, local Asparagus.  Read more here.
Spindrift Soda
From Sonoma! Triple Purified sparkling water, fresh squeezed juice and a touch of cane sugar. No concentrates, additives or preservatives. Choose from Grapefruit, Lemonade, Orange/Mango, plus lighter, sugar-free Raspberry and Tangerine Seltzer.

Farm Direct

Learn about how we work with the most reputable growers and brokers, building strong relationships.


TCHO, the only chocolate factory located in the city of San Francisco, was founded by a Space Shuttle technologist and chocolate industry veteran with a singular goal in mind: To create “obsessively good dark chocolate.” TCHO takes a unique approach to categorizing and tasting chocolate, expanding on the traditional conventions of varietal, origin and percentage, to focus as well on the flavors inherent in cacao as categories in and of themselves. TCHO personally sources their beans, all of which are then cut-tested, roast-tested and melanged in numerous more tests before lots are given the green light. Then formulation trials ensued, including sugar tests, before the first bars are given to tasters in the company’s “beta testing” format (in which customers participate in the development of new chocolate flavor profiles). Take a look here.


Cypress Grove founder Mary Keehn began raising goats in the 1970s to provide her family with healthful milk – in 1983, she took that milk to the next level and created Cypress Grove Chevre, a forerunner in the American artisanal cheese movement. Today Cypress Grove, in Humboldt County, works with small local farms to gather the best goat milk California has to offer, and turns that milk into products that represent the gold standard of fine cheese in the U.S. Learn more.


Butter, cream, milk, eggs, yogurt and sour cream – all of this and more is available every day from the GreenLeaf dairy department. You’ll find fresh, whole local eggs from Santa Cruz County, and whole milk yogurt, sheep milk yogurt and organic yogurt. European-style, truffled and organic butter are all in stock, as are two kinds of crème fraiche and fresh squeezed juices too. The following are just a few of our latest offerings. Check back with us regularly to see what new and delicious dairy items are coming soon! Learn more here.

"An egg is always an adventure; the next one may be different."

~Oscar Wilde