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NEW IN YESTERDAY! Fresh Borba berries! Blueberries and Marionberries fresh in! Get them while they last! — Jun 24, 2016
Top Quality · (CA) 8 cs Org Coke Farms Extra Fancy Zucchini; beautiful size and quality. · (CA) 33 cs Org Coke Farms 48 ct Artichoke; Best ones we’ve seen this year. · (CA) Org Comanche Creek Summer Squash; 8-10 varieties, show beautifully. · (CA) Org Knoll Farms Figs; 2 cs Black Mission Figs, 10 cs Adriatic Figs both with good color and sugar. — Jun 13, 2016
We also have ripe white peaches and nectarines perfect for a seasonal weekend dish. — Jun 9, 2016

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