Food Safety

Dear Valued Greenleaf Customers,

This week it has become clear that we are dealing with an unprecedented national challenge. Greenleaf is taking the current Coronavirus outbreak very seriously and is monitoring the situation continuously. We are doing our best to adjust to the needs of our customers and employees in this ever-changing environment.

Greenleaf has always had Food Safety, the care of our employees, and our customers at the forefront of our business. We are following all CDC hygiene requirements and have done mandatory company-wide training around COVID-19. Below are few key areas covered in our training program.

We are asking employees to avoid physical contact with all persons as much as possible since the virus will not exhibit symptoms in the early stages of contamination.
We are limiting meetings, large group gatherings, and encouraging staff to practice social distancing.
We are limiting all visitors to the facility.
We are asking people who are sick or feeling ill to stay home.
We are disinfecting frequently touched objects and surfaces.
We are increasing training around proper handwashing procedures and increased audits of our employee's adherence to these procedures.

We understand that our Bay Area food industry has been significantly impacted by this pandemic. We are looking at all the best ways we can help serve you during this difficult time. We value your partnership and want to ensure we are helping you anyway we can.

Please reach out to your sales representatives with any questions, concerns, or general feedback.

Take care of yourselves and each other,

The Greenleaf Family