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Seasons: Year-Round
Origin: Sonoma County - California
Growers: Redwood Hill

Begun in 1968 as a grade A goat dairy, Jennifer Bice’s Redwood Hill Farm and Creamery ha
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Raw Milk Feta is made with pure goat milk, formed into blocks by hand, and brined for 18 hours before aging. It is an assertive, goaty, creamy and simply outstanding example of hand-crafted feta. It consistently wins awards, and is a lush, flavorful option in any recipe calling for feta. From Jennifer Bice’s Redwood Hill Farm and Creamery, long an industry leader in promoting the benefits of goat’s milk products. 40-plus years and going strong, Redwood Hill uses organic feeds whenever possible, and the dairy goats are fed a mixture of alfalfa, bean hay and grains that is free of antibiotics, preservatives and chemical additives. The grain is not genetically modified, and no hormones are used for milk production. Redwood Hill was the first Certified Humane Goat Dairy in the U.S., and they have recently expanded their product offerings to include 100% organic products, under the Green Valley Organics brand.